The Commission of Inquiry is composed of a group of international experts from the scientific, medical, ethical and legal fields.

It has the task of international activities, confrontation with the scientific, political and legislative part, working for the protection of human rights. In this process, it avails itself of the help and collaboration of local, national and international inter-association movements, monitoring the interdependence that binds environment and health.

It ensures that all cultural, political and economic choices are the most appropriate and safe to protect the environment and people’s health.

The results of the activity as well as the methods of comparison made by the Commission of Inquiry are disseminated without censorship at a national and international level.

The work of the Commission has the objective to:

Protect consumers, taxpayers and savers from all forms of fraud and crimes that offend, in addition to the interests it pursues, by means of a civil action, including: health; education; the environment; animals; historical, archaeological and landscape assets; the good performance of securities, real estate and financial markets; the good performance of essential public services; the good performance of Public Administration; public safety; public’s faith; public economy, industry and commerce.

Promote a more ethical medicine, which defends the right to live, freedom and security of one’s person, hindering the Health Service dictatorship.

Check whether in the event of a pandemic, pursuant to art. 36 para. 3 of the Federal Constitution, the limitation of fundamental rights is proportionate. It also checks whether art. 7 of the law on epidemics and in particular art. 185 of the invoked Federal Constitution could form the basis for amending the Federal Constitution and federal laws during pandemic crises.

Supervise the correct management of territories and their resources by large private companies and public administrations. Including transport, telecommunications and urban planning and construction services.